Insurance Companies Benefit From Reduced Healthcare Reimbursements, Lowering Costs by Approving the Sustained Acoustic Medicine (sam®) Device

​​​​​Insurance companies benefit from the reduced healthcare reimbursements they enjoy when they approve the long duration continuous ultrasound device (sam®). In fact, approving the device saves insurers well over $30,000 while treating musculoskeletal injuries of the back, shoulder and knee.

At just the fraction of the cost of a surgical procedure, sam® eliminates the risk of infection and injury that can occur as a result of surgery. This helps insurers avoid reimbursing even more costs. sam® is so effective, it can improve surgical outcomes, thereby decreasing the chances that patients will need a follow-up surgery. Furthermore, the solution reduces the need to provide in-office physical therapy and provides pain relief while accelerating healing.

sam® is a non-invasive prescription medical device that patients apply at home to the location of their injury or at the site of their pain. The solution administers a localized treatment. The device is ideal for delaying surgery, as well as improving postoperative healing and surgical outcomes. sam® goes a long way in aiding patients whose healing capability is compromised. Avoiding or delaying surgery to resolve conditions such as disk herniation and tendonitis is much easier with sam®, as the solution also treats pain very effectively. The device provides more than four hours of treatment at 18,720 joules and is backed by over 20 clinical research studies funded by the United States Government.

sam® is the only multi-hour, home-use, ultrasound-based mechanobiological device available and approved by the FDA. The durable device administers treatment similar to sophisticated targeted pharmacotherapy agents, but it delivers a mechanobiological therapy localized to the injury site in order to stimulate biological repair. sam® appears similar to a bone-growth stimulator, but the dosing and treatment regimen is more aggressive. This facilitates the body’s healing process and delays the need for surgery or medication to treat soft tissue injuries, chronic conditions and the pain that can result from both. The solution is priced similarly to a bone-growth stimulator and comes with a one-year warranty.

sam® 2.0 is new technology approved in 2020 by the FDA for use at home. The device is completely unique and based on seven years of development and clinical validation. The generation-one device costs $4,400 and the generation-two device costs $6,800. These prices are modestly expensive considering the significant improvements they give patients. Since the generation-two version of sam® is for the individual patient, the patient owns the device.

sam® is covered for most government employees, and over 90 percent of workers compensation insurance carriers to help employees get back to work and reduce medication requirements after injury; this includes professional and college athletes who get injured on the job.

“Insurance companies can significantly decrease their reimbursement costs when they approve sam® and provide better care for their policy holders. The solution has been proven an effective treatment for musculoskeletal injuries and pain relief. By approving sam®, insurers help delay expensive surgeries, as well as the pre-and-post surgical costs associated with them,” said George Lewis, chief executive officer of ZetrOZ Systems.

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