Sustained Acoustic Medicine Clinically Proven to Keep Professional Athletes in the Game at Multiple Stages of the Healing Process

ZetrOZ Systems SAM tech supported by Miami, BYU studies

Super Bowl-caliber NFL teams and elite athletic organizations reveal the healing benefits of SAM technology.

 ZetrOZ Systems, developers of SAM 2.0 medical technology, an FDA-cleared bio regenerative medical device, announces that a research study by the University of Miami Sports Medicine and Brigham Young University concluded that participants, professional sports Athletic Trainers, had a positive experience with the sustained acoustic medicine (SAM) portable ultrasound device, with 87% of participants expressing satisfaction and confidence in SAM's ability to accelerate the healing process.

The study, which surveyed several professional athletic trainers, sought to determine their opinion of the SAM device and the effectiveness of SAM treatment on professional athletes. A majority of trainers agreed that SAM is easy to use, comfortable and capable as a "go-to" device for treatment outside the training facility.

Former NFL star Brian Bosworth utilizes sustained acoustic medicine to combat inflammation, reduce pain, and accelerate the natural healing cascade. In a recent Instagram post, he shared, "I use SAM to drive out the inflammation and edema in the thigh and knee. No knee pain at all, using it to increase my range of motion. Really impressed with my progress to date."

SAM is currently being utilized by both collegiate and professional sports organizations around the country including Team USA Women's Soccer, The Women's National Field Hockey Team, the Washington Mystics of the WNBA, and more. 

ZetrOZ was a platinum sponsor at the 2020 NFL Combine; currently, 28 NFL teams, 24 NHL teams, 27 MLB teams, and 24 NBA teams use SAM daily for treating acute and chronic injuries.

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