Sustained Acoustic Medicine Device sam® Offers an Alternative Solution to Pain Medication and Surgery

​​The advanced sustained acoustic medicine device (sam®) from ZetrOZ Systems offers physicians and orthopedic surgeons an alternative solution to pain medication and surgery for their patients. Medical providers can prescribe sam®, the only FDA-cleared long-duration ultrasound device, for prescription home-use to treat arthritis and soft tissue injuries.

sam® is a non-invasive prescription medical device that is applied over the target injury and delivers a localized treatment. The device is an excellent option for avoiding medication and delaying surgery, as well as improving postoperative healing and surgical outcomes. sam® is especially beneficial for patients who struggle with poor healing capability.

In addition to accelerating and improving the healing process, sam® is also a very effective treatment for pain arising from conditions such as arthritis, back spasms, disk herniation and tendonitis.

Sixty million people suffer from arthritis and 50 million people struggle with back pain in the United States alone. The leadership team at ZetrOZ Systems set a goal to help 100 million patients who are in pain or facing surgery. sam® does not block or mask pain. The device treats the damaged tissue and inflammatory response that causes it, getting to the root of the problem. ZetrOZ Systems believes that not all patients require surgery or medication.

“We want physicians and orthopedic surgeons to know they are not limited in the options they can offer patients. sam® gives them a viable, convenient alternative to prescribing drugs or putting patients under the knife,” said Dr. George Lewis, chief executive officer of ZetrOZ Systems.

While sam® is technologically sophisticated, it is also easy to use and apply, making it the perfect choice for home application by patients. The solution is convenient, as patients can engage in most activities while wearing it. sam® ships directly to the patient’s home, conserving clinic time and requiring little followup from medical providers.

Medical providers can prescribe sam® using a simple Rx form available at Patients typically undergo treatment for eight to 10 weeks. Each treatment includes the sam® device and five to eight packs of ultrasound coupling patches. Those with chronic arthritis pain will continue to use the device beyond 10 weeks to maintain their condition.

About ZetrOZ Systems

ZetrOZ Systems is an FDA cGMP and ISO 13585 medical technology company headquartered in the southern coastal region of Connecticut. The organization also has manufacturing facilities across the United States. ZetrOZ Systems produced UltrOZ®, sam®Sport and sam®Pro 2.0 to provide safe and effective treatment options for prevalent conditions such as arthritis. Learn more at and

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