Sustained Acoustic Medicine Helps Veteran Triathlete Maintain Peak Performance and Rapid Recovery

Claudia McCoy, an Ironman and USAT Certified Triathlon Coach, says the sam® long duration ultrasound unit improves her recovery from training and speeds injury healing.

Claudia McCoy, a top-tier triathlete, Ironman and USAT Certified Triathlon Coach, underwent shoulder surgery and faced a challenging path to recovering her form. But with physical therapy and the daily use of the sam® wearable ultrasound technology from ZetrOZ Systems, in four months she was not only back to her sport but winning her age group.  

"I am a firm believer in the benefits and positive impact that the sam® wearable ultrasound device has on not just my recovery from injuries but also on regular recovery from training itself," McCoy said. 

ZetrOZ Systems, inventor of sustained acoustic medicine and maker of the sam® wearable ultrasound medical technology line, is proud to have the endorsement of McCoy, who has been using the sam® technology for more than 10 years.

In addition to being a champion triathlete and coach, McCoy is a certified advanced sports nutrition specialist and a German-licensed physical therapist and athletic trainer. She is also a certified specialist in strength and sports conditioning, speed and power, sports medicine, advanced flexibility, and a personal trainer.

After relocating to the United States in 2002, she has had outstanding triathlon career highlights and accomplishments, including winning her age group, long course, the National Championship title in 2016, and being runner-up in 2017. A winner of multiple triathlons and ranked #1 in Florida in 2019, McCoy has worked with MLB and NFL players, Olympic swimmers, and soccer and tennis players. 

“My goal is to offer a holistic approach to athletic performance training by training athletes to perform at their full potential while preventing injuries,” she said, noting that ultrasound treatment via sustained acoustic medicine has helped her maintain her peak. “Over the past 10 years, it (the ZetrOZ sam® device) has helped me to get over ‘niggles’ and injuries a lot quicker and back to competing much faster than expected.” 

Developed from research funded by the National Institute of Health and the US Department of Defense, the ZetrOZ sam® devices are a groundbreaking solution for pain management and accelerated soft tissue healing that can help patients recover from injury without invasive surgery or potentially addictive pain medications.  

Sustained acoustic medicine is low-intensity, long-duration, daily ultrasound treatment that can reduce the need for pain medication and surgery and provide more rapid healing and reduced pain. Utilizing mechanobiological technology, sam® treatment works by increasing blood vessel diameters to improve blood flow, increase oxygenated hemoglobin, and remove cytokine enzymes and cellular waste. 

For McCoy, that translated to a faster recovery from a major injury. “I recently had to have shoulder surgery and, four months later, with the help of physical therapy and using the sam® ultrasound, I was able to not just return to racing triathlon but also won my age group again,” she said.   

McCoy is one of millions of patients treated successfully with ZetrOZ Systems’ sam® sustained acoustic medicine technology, which has been proven effective in soft tissue injury healing in 42 peer-reviewed publications and 20 Level 1-5 clinical studies.

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ZetrOZ Systems is leading healing innovations in sports medicine, developing wearable bioelectronic devices to deliver sustained acoustic medicine (sam®). Researched and funded by the federal government, ZetrOZ is built on the proprietary medical technology of 46 patents and is the exclusive manufacturer and developer of the sam® product line designed to treat acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions.

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