The Highly Effective Sustained Acoustic Medicine (sam®) Device for Injury Treatment Is Covered by Personal Injury and Workers' Compensation Insurance

Those suffering from injuries experience pain relief and healing without the need for expensive surgery, injections or prescription drugs.

​​​​​​Sustained acoustic medicine (sam®) from ZetrOZ heals a wide range of injuries and relieves the pain caused by them - and the wearable device is covered by personal injury and workers' compensation insurance. The safe and effective treatment eliminates the need for expensive and time-consuming surgery, painful injections and costly prescription pain medication that can cause dependence.

Many Americans suffer from a degree of neck or back pain, especially those who have had a traumatic experience such as a car accident. This pain can prove debilitating and can significantly affect their quality of life. Then there are employees who are injured on the job and must recover quickly. All of these people need a cost-effective, low-maintenance, user-friendly solution.

Fortunately, sam® meets all of these criteria. Medical issues the ultrasound device treats include the following:

  • Knee pain
  • Lower back injuries
  • Neck pain
  • Whiplash
  • Tendinitis and overuse injuries

When surgery is necessary, sam® aids in the post-operative recovery process, accelerating it and providing pain relief. The device can also delay the need for surgical procedures until a more convenient time.

While an ultrasound treatment with this degree of efficacy may sound like it would be expensive, fortunately, most health insurance plans and automotive insurance carriers in the United States cover sam®. Patient navigators at ZetrOZ, the company that produces sam®, are happy to walk patients through the process of obtaining the device and getting it covered by their insurance carrier.

Those who use sam® experience results that are notable and fast, as illustrated by Corinne Poling, who broke her leg in multiple locations and suffered from a significant amount of pain and almost complete lack of mobility. Poling, who was not able to bend the affected leg or place enough weight on it to complete simple activities, had tried a walker, a wheelchair and several forms of therapy without success before her doctor suggested sam® Sport. The wearable device produced results for her that none of the other treatments could.

"The device has taken me from a 10-plus level of pain to a livable three to five level on a daily basis. The swelling has ceased and the leg barely ever bothers me now. If I were to rate the improvement in mobility, it would be 75 percent in just this short period of not quite 30 days, using it four hours once daily with two contacts. Application of sam® was easy to learn and I quickly got used to wearing it," Poling said.

While sam® is technologically sophisticated, it is also easy to use and apply, making it the perfect choice for home application by patients. Users can engage in most activities while wearing the device and it only requires four hours per day of use to deliver results. Additionally, sam® ships directly to patients' homes, preventing the need to pick it up at a doctor's office or hospital.

"People suffering from neck or back injuries due to a traumatic event, or injuries they sustained at the workplace, should not have to endure expensive, risky and time-consuming surgery, injections or pain medications. With sam®, patients have a budget-friendly, safe and non-invasive way to relieve their pain and heal their injuries. This is one of the reasons I created sam® and I am very pleased the ultrasound treatment can help them," said Dr. George Lewis, chief executive officer of ZetrOZ Systems.

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