US Veterans and Injured Workers Find Injury Solution With sam® Sustained Acoustic Medicine Treatment

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Innovative medical technologies like the sam® device promote soft tissue healing

Sustained acoustic medicine, or sam®, is a non-invasive ultrasound device from ZetrOZ Systems used to treat soft tissue injuries and arthritis. The U.S. Federal Drug Administration cleared sam® for clinical use in 2013, but many health care providers are just now discovering the many benefits it provides to treatment and recovery efforts.

The sam® pain relief device has helped thousands of patients, including U.S. Veterans and Active Duty Members, regain mobility and reduce pain from common overuse injuries and osteoarthritis. "Sam has been a wonderful medical device to represent in our region since the benefit to patients is tremendous, the product is made in the USA, and the clinical outcomes are clear," says Mr. Harmon, President of a well-established & long-time distributor for ZetrOZ Systems. "We have no other medical device that can help patients heal faster and reduce the need for surgery and opioids."

ZetrOZ is driven by innovation, and the sam® pain relief technology is clinically proven to augment the body's natural ability to heal. "We have been offering sustained acoustic medicine (sam®) since 2016. We have helped countless patients restore function and reduce narcotic and opioid use thanks to sam®. It is truly unique," says Mr. Harmon.

Healthcare systems like the U.S. Veterans Administration have also adopted sustained acoustic medicine to help patients dealing with soft tissue injury or chronic pain. For veterans of the United States military, as well as senior citizens, having access to the sam® device is a key part of their recovery. A nurse we will refer to as "Lori" in a very busy and influential VA pain management department uses the sam® device in place of opioids whenever possible. "The sam® device is the only thing in pain management that makes me feel like I am doing a great job for my patients," Lori says. "It makes my patients feel much better."

The sam® device can be used on any joint — even a patient's hand — and reduces the risk of long-term NSAID use. "We have almost no issues with any of our patients using the device. We have treated younger patients and patients that are 85 years of age," Lori says, noting the clinical efficiency of the device for both men and women. For older patients, the technology can seem daunting, so it is important to train patients on how to apply, charge, clean, and reuse the device before they receive treatment.

Lori instructs patients to never apply sustained acoustic medicine to the carotid arteries or their genitalia. Sometimes the area must be shaved for better coupling, but this step is not necessary for most patients. She also recommends applying sam® with a topical diclofenac just beyond the margins of pain. Once the diclofenac dries, the device can be placed over the painful spot. She instructs patients to follow this same process for four hours per day. "Our patients have excellent results on all types of arthritis of the knee and hand," says Lori. "We also use the device a lot on muscle spasms and back injuries."

recent study determined that sam® reduces pain even in patients who have not responded to other types of physical therapy. Lori hopes that future research will focus on the clinical outcomes of using sam®, especially with challenging conditions like chronic regional pain syndrome and neuropathy. While affirmation from this research is important, George Lewis, President and CEO of ZetrOz Systems, as well as the inventor of sam®, notes that the clinical healing and pain relief the device provides to patients is what matters most.

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