Veteran Health Administration Expanding Homecare Pain Management Program with Sustained Acoustic Medicine (SAM) Ultrasound Patch Technology During COVID-19

The 2020 FDA-approved, non-invasive, home-use, SAM treatment facilitates the healing of a wide range of injuries and significantly reduces pain - without drugs or surgery. A gamechanger for chronic pain patients and the Veteran Health Administration strategic initiative to reduce opioid abuse.

​​​​Military veteran Dr. Ervin Rodriguez, who served as a First Sergeant in the United States Army, experienced a life-changing improvement in the state of multiple chronic soft-tissue injury sites after treating them with the Sustained Acoustic Medicine (SAM®) wearable, multi-hour, ultrasound device manufactured by ZetrOZ Systems in Trumbull, CT, USA.

“Five months ago, I was introduced to the SAM® ultrasound unit through my occupational therapist at the James A. Haley Veterans Affairs hospital in Tampa, Florida. Several areas of my body have responded well to daily use of the device, and I have felt at minimum a 20% improvement. The SAM® unit has definitely surpassed my expectations,” Dr. Rodriguez said.

Prior to getting SAM® from his healthcare provider, Dr. Rodriguez was forced to change his daily work habits and try a battery of treatments including physical and occupational therapy, muscle stimulators, ice and heat application and medications. The vast majority of these efforts proved futile, and he wanted to avoid taking narcotics. Multiple Army-related injuries to Dr. Rodriguez's ankles, shoulders, neck, wrist and back plagued him for years and affected his quality of life.

Then SAM®, prescribed for daily home-use, changed everything.

“SAM® ultrasound is extremely user-friendly and convenient. I put it on in the morning before going to work. By the time I get to work, two hours of treatment time have passed, and I am ready to use it on a different injury site for additional treatment. The SAM® unit makes rehab on the road and at home so much easier. It has helped me get through very difficult pain such as severe tendinitis and bursitis. This modality works,” Dr. Rodriguez said.

SAM® effectively treats the following:

  • Arthritis and joint pain
  • Back and muscle pain
  • Post-operative recovery and pain management
  • Tendinitis of the shoulder, elbow, knee and ankle

By stimulating blood flow for multiple hours per day to a localized region of the user’s body, SAM® sends a powerful flow of nutrients to the site of an injury. The wearable device accelerates biological healing processes and reduces pain by harnessing the sustained delivery of high-frequency acoustic waves. In this way, SAM® stimulates the body’s natural repair process. The device promotes collagen matrix production and cellular replication to heal damaged tissue. It accomplishes this by gently massaging users’ cells - making the treatment safe and non-invasive.

United States Veterans and members of the military get to experience the many benefits of SAM® through homecare health benefits. Made in the United States, the treatment is approved by the United States government to treat active duty service members and veterans. This allows VA healthcare providers to prescribe SAM® to their patients reducing surgery or medication requirements. The miniaturized wearable ultrasound technology has been cleared by the Research and Development Program in Washington, D.C. focused on the National Veterans Pain Initiative. The SAM® device is also supported by over 20 randomized controlled clinical trials in the United States, demonstrating the efficacy of the treatment. 

“The courageous men and women who serve in our military are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice. At the very least, they deserve an active life free of debilitating pain. I am humbled and honored to be part of the solution relieving them of pain that, historically, has afflicted many veterans for the remainder of their lives. It makes my nearly life-long devotion to developing bioregenerative technologies worthwhile and very gratifying,” said Dr. George Lewis, chief executive officer of ZetrOZ Systems.

Active duty military and veterans can contact a patient navigator at 888-202-9831 or and they will assist the soldier or veteran with finding a healthcare provider familiar with SAM® treatment.

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