ZetrOZ Shares Lessons Learned in Medical Technology with Med Device Online

ZetrOZ CEO Dr. George Lewis

Structures in the healthcare system often stifle innovation and breakthrough treatments.

In the most current article of Medical Device Online, Dr. George Lewis, creator of the ZetrOZ sustained acoustic medicine (SAM) system, shared his experiences of the obstacles keeping innovative medical technology from widespread use and ways medical device developers can surmount those challenges. 

"There are forces at work that are actively hindering the adoption of breakthrough medical technologies in favor of profit," Lewis wrote.

SAM received FDA clearance in 2013, and more than 20 clinical studies show its efficacy in helping people manage pain and recover from both acute and chronic musculoskeletal injuries. 

In the article, Lewis details the "Chicken and the Egg Dilemma" involving doctors and insurers that stall adoption, discourage investment and stall innovation.

Lewis also outlines the strategies ZetrOZ has used to reach consumers and physicians and spur demand for its products and points to little-known legislation that may open the doors for developers of medical devices to receive reimbursement from both federal and private payers. 

Lewis concludes that, despite the challenges, there is a path forward for change. "Medical device developers must continue to innovate, educate, and inform the public about the breakthrough technologies that are not far off on the horizon," he writes. "People will not settle for the status quo."

The full article appeared on Medical Device Online on May 24, 2021.

To learn more about ZetrOZ and its SAM line of products, visit samrecover.com.

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ZetrOZ Systems is an FDA cGMP and ISO 13585 medical technology company headquartered in the southern coastal region of Connecticut. The organization also has manufacturing facilities across the United States. ZetrOZ Systems produced UltrOZ®, sam®Sport and sam®Pro 2.0 to provide safe and effective treatment options for prevalent conditions such as arthritis. Learn more at zetroz.com and samrecover.com.

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