ZetrOZ Systems Revolutionizes Sustained Acoustic Medicine Therapies With Introduction of Wireless Soft-Tissue Healing Treatment, sam®x1

sam® x1 Wireless Soft Tissue Healing Treatment

The wireless, long-duration, continuous, ultrasound, patch-based stimulator delivers 33 times more treatment than pulsed ultrasound devices and is authorized by the FDA for prescription home use in the United States of America.

ZetrOZ Systems, creator and manufacturer of the sam® wearable ultrasound device product line, is rapidly revolutionizing sustained acoustic medicine therapies with the introduction of its newest innovation, the sam®x1. The sam®x1 delivers high-quality, effective soft tissue and injury healing capabilities at home. A video of the device's performance and features is available here.

"We intentionally and thoughtfully designed the sam®x1 with ergonomics in mind to deliver the same soft tissue healing for pain and injury in wireless form," said Dr. George Lewis, founder and CEO of ZetrOZ Systems. "The sam®x1 is poised to make a difference in the lives of hundreds of thousands of patients dealing with soft tissue injuries." 

Designed for ergonomics and ultrasound delivery to increase circulation and promote soft tissue healing, sam®x1 delivers 33 times more energy than a bone-growth stimulator after just one hour of treatment. Additional research shows: 

  • Medical staff have 87% satisfaction and increased confidence in sam® to accelerate the healing process from overuse injuries (Draper et al., 2021)
  • sam® treatment provides tissue healing and recovery, improved patient function, and reduced pain. When patients failed to respond to physical therapy, sam® proved to be a useful adjunct to facilitate healing and return to work (Winkler et al., 2021)
  • sam® provided clinical patient improvement in under two weeks of treatment and a 50% reduction of pain medication (Walters et al., 2022, clinical presentation)
  • 87.3% of athletes are highly receptive to treatment and have a high level of confidence for improved function and return to work after 30 days of sam® use (Walters et al., 2022, clinical presentation)

For treating acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions, sam®x1 is an effective tool for decreased pain, increased movement and blood circulation, and improved quality of life. 

The sam® gel capture patch creates the ideal connection and fit for healing. The wireless capability allows sam® to attach securely and discreetly, balancing for weight but allowing patients to participate in aggressive activity. A rugged storage case, including two rapid chargers, a quick start guide, and a user manual, offers on-the-go usage.

"Backed by thousands of successful patient outcomes, sam®x1 is shifting the paradigm in the care of soft tissue injuries, and we are excited to see doctors and physicians utilize this treatment to better the lives of their patients," concluded Dr. Lewis.

After over a decade of development, sam®x1 is the first wireless long-duration ultrasound system that is FDA-cleared for prescription home use. sam®x1 is made in the USA and covered by 48 patents. 

To learn more, visit zetrozsystems.com.  

About ZetrOZ Systems
ZetrOZ Systems is leading healing innovation in sports medicine, developing wearable bioelectronic devices for the delivery of sustained acoustic medicine (sam®). Researched and funded by the federal government, ZetrOZ is built on proprietary medical technology of +46 patents and is the exclusive manufacturer and developer of sam®, a product line designed for the treatment of acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions. To learn more, visit zetrozsystems.com.

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